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Quality industrial solutions

Since 1973 the LEBLAN team has been dedicated to providing innovative and quality solutions in the aggregate, concrete, waste treatment and general industry sectors for the transportation and handling of solids.

At LEBLAN we provide a comprehensive service to all the needs of our customers: process engineering and design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and after sales.

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With a wide experience, our engineering team supports our customers in the design of the process and the facility. LEBLAN’s engineering department works to solve the needs of the project adapting to the particular needs of each project.
  • Consulting and process definition
  • Elaboration of installation implementation plans
  • Elaboration of manufacturing drawings of equipment
  • Load calculation for civil works
  • Structural calculations


LEBLAN manufactures in its facilities the plants and equipment previously designed. LEBLAN has an experienced team in the different production sections to ensure the best service and quality to our customers.
  • Welding
  • Boilermaking
  • Machining
  • Painting
  • Factory assembly and mechanical adjustment
  • Warehousing and shipping
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Erection and start-up

The technical team is in charge of the erection of the installation and the subsequent commissioning of the installed equipment, as well as carrying out the pertinent performance tests if necessary. The client is the one who defines the scope of the service, LEBLAN adapts to the particular needs of each project.
  • Mechanical erection of the installation
  • Electrical assembly and control
  • Start-up of equipment
  • Performance test

Post Venta

LEBLAN ofrece un servicio continuo de asistencia para optimizar y asegurar una buena operación de la planta prolongada en el tiempo.
  • Asistencia y asesoramiento técnico
  • Gestión de repuestos
Instalaciones leblan en zaragoza