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LEBLAN is a Spanish company dedicated since 1973 to the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial installations in the environmental, aggregates, concrete and general industry sectors. LEBLAN develops projects at international level.

Our experience allows us to successfully develop turnkey projects and adapt to customer needs at all times, having the capacity to develop all phases of the project.

LEBLAN’s integrated client service is completed with the after-sales department that provides technical assistance, advice, breakdown management, maintenance and spare parts.

Instalaciones leblan en zaragoza
maquinaria en las instalaciones de leblan
Located in La Puebla de Alfindén, (Zaragoza, Spain) LEBLAN has a total area of 22,000 m2 where the corporate offices and its production center are placed with the necessary means for the complete manufacturing, warehousing and logistics facilities.

The core of our activity is in engineering and R & D department. With a large staff of technicians, LEBLAN designs and advises both the process and the construction of the facility. Flow diagrams, implementation and manufacturing drawings are the result of this first phase of the project.

The Technical and Commercial Department accompanies the client in all the phases of the project, managing the needs of each moment.

Once the necessary equipment has been established and supplied, the erection department carries out the work and commissioning.

After sales technicians will take care of the facility when it is put into operation.

Having our own engineering and manufacturing center makes LEBLAN flexible and able to adapt to any situation, turnkey projects, modifications of existing plants, integration of external equipment, etc.

maquinaria en las instalaciones de leblan

Design, manufacture and erection of facilities

Our experience, engineering and production means allow us to adapt to the needs of each project. We accompany our clients from the beginning in the analysis of their requirements and in the development and execution of the solution. We have numerous references all over the world.

Business areas

Residuos Sólidos Urbanos

  • Envases Ligeros
  • Residuo Industrial No Peligroso
  • Compostaje
  • Valorización Energética
  • Gasificación
  • Residuos de Construcción y Demolición
  • Descontaminación de Suelos

Medio Ambiente

  • Tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos
  • Plantas de clasificación envases
  • Plantas tratamiento materia orgánica
  • Líneas de afino de compost y recuperación de vidrio
  • Residuos de construcción y demolición
  • Plantas de tratamiento de CSR y CDR
  • Líneas de recuperación de metales
  • Líneas de tratamiento de residuo industrial y comercial

Áridos y Hormigón

  • Plantas de producción de hormigón fijas y móviles
  • Plantas de producción de áridos
  • Plantas de lavado de árido
  • Plantas de producción de suelo cemento
  • Sistema de cribado, trituración y transporte


  • Plantas de preparación de biomasa
  • Plantas de tratamiento de escorias
  • Plantas de tratamiento de cenizas de incineradora
  • Plantas de inertización de cenizas
  • Cargas a granel
  • Sistemas de almacenamiento
  • Descontaminación de suelos
  • Maquinaria para procesos de la industria cerámica

Engineering specialized in manufacturing


LEBLAN team works to solve the needs of our clients in different industrial sectors with technological innovation and the highest quality standards in mind.
  • We always work oriented to the client's needs.
  • We develop our projects at the forefront of the best technology.
  • We are committed to quality in all our processes.

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We ensure that we comply with all local regulations, guaranteeing quality, safety and compliance in every market in which we operate.